React Boston 2018

| Speaker

September 30th I spoke at React Boston! I gave a simple talk about easter eggs and interesting comments left in famous open source code repos. You can watch the talk here.

Community Coding Day

| Mentor

Once a year Wayfair hosts a Community Coding Day for summer camps local to the boston area. Over 300 students attended from grades 4 - 8! Our job as volunteer mentors was to group up with two students for a whole day and guide them through planned coding activities and young boys and girls excited about code.

Rensselaer Center for Open Source

| Mentor

Within RCOS my role as a mentor, meant guiding teams through technical decisions and time management. Every year I also took on a project as well. Senior year front end developer for OkCollege (later incorporated as CollegeAI). Junior year project lead on telebum. Sophmore year developer on Sia, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency (before incorporation). Freshman year developer on team revising RPI's Computer Science website. RCOS an organization of 150+ software developers at RPI. It is student run and student driven.

Denmark Technical University

| Semester Abroad

In 2016, I spent my junior semester in Copenhagen, Denmark. I worked for a startup called Bundl, and honed my photography skills in Ireland, Iceland and the Swedish Lapland. I also took some classes and learned a total of two danish words.

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

| Server Admin

Converted clunky Windows Server box and converted it to Ubuntu nginx & samba file server. Created user management system for incoming freshmen.

RPI Computer Security Club

Learned low level C hacking techniques. Club format was activity based lectures once a week.

Boy Scouts of America

| Eagle Scout, Adult Scout Leader

Completed an Eagle Scout project refurbishing the chapel at Saint Mary's Saint Alphonsus Catholic School. I continue to be an adult leader in my troop, occassionally attending outings and teaching merit badges.