dmenu cli app for bitwarden which can copy usernames, passwords, and various fields to your clipboard.


generalized scraping library that uses a single config object for any site that can be statically scraped.


i3wm status bar written using rxjs and asynchronous shell commands. It attempts to do as little work as possible as infrequently as possible.

Kaiser Engineering

set of digital & LED guages running from microcontrollers that respond to a vehicle's OBD-II port. I am not the lead engineer but a prototyper for the digital gauge code written in Python 3 and OpenGL.


tv show & movie organizer app. Keep track of shows currently in progress, new episodes, create group watching sessions with facebook friends.


client side attempt to render any and all images possible for a given width and height. Essentially view any pixel color combination for a resolution, which has a space of (width × height)^3×256 images. RPI software design & doc semester project.

fractal generators

early tinkerings with fractals and the Processing language yielded some beautiful interactive fractal generators.